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Maiko bigbang
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a Maiko big bang challenge

Longing by Dioni

Big Bang you say?
A b o u t.

The Maiko big bang is a fic/art challenge for the avatar community to garner more interest in Mai and ZUko. A big bang is a type of challenge that pairs up long fics with artists. As with most big bangs we are setting a minimum of 20,000 words per fanfic. The history of big bangs actually started with harry/draco at 40,000 minimum. Fannish drift happened, changed the rules added more subtracted some, and we now have big bang communities all over the net for all sorts of fandoms and ships. avatarbigbang finished last october.

You don't need to be a member of the community to read and comment, so please comment. Participants will be granted membership to the community.

T i m e L i n e.

This is still a tentative timeline for this, patterned after avatarbigbang Please tell me of conflict in sechedule for holidays and such in your country.

Nov 15 : Authors & Artsts sign up.
Jan 15 : End of Author sign up.
(Because Christmas and New Year will all have you going other places and not here)
Feb 15 : End of Artist signups.
Feb 15 : Summary due
Mar 15 : Rough draft/extensive outline due
Apr 2 : Artist Claims begin
Apr 30 : Posting schedules given
May 1 : Authors mail a second rough draft.
May 15 : Art rough sketches due
Jun 1 : Completed Fics due
Jun 15 : Completed Art due
Jun 30 : Posting begins

l i n k s.

Rules & Guidelines
Linking In & Icons
Introduce yourself

contact mods at banked.flame [at] gmail.com

Thank you
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aand of course thanks to the wonderful community maizuko. Everyone has been very supportive :)

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